Explore below to find out how your child will undergo a unique experience at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy – Dubai:

Your child will feel energetic, enthusiastic and more positive. Our classes are fun!

Drama classes with us are a fun and exciting way to learn acting skills. The joy of learning drama with us will boost your child’s enthusiasm and energy levels, helping them to feel more positive about themselves and the world around them.

Your child will feel empowered and more confident. The world will be their stage!

We help your child to unleash his or her own creativity. Your child will have loads of fun in our drama classes and all the while they’ll be growing more empowered and resilient.

Your child’s conversation skills, listening skills and concentration skills will be enhanced

Communication includes listening, speaking, concentrating and interpreting body language. Your child will learn and practice these skills during every acting lesson.

Our classes promote Social Skills

We see each class as its own small, supportive community. In today’s environment social skills are often neglected or underdeveloped. Our approach and purpose is to provide the conditions which stimulate Social and Emotional learning in our students, to better prepare them for the challenges of School and Life in general. Our programs stimulate the development of emotional intelligence.

Your child will develop qualities for Leadership

Most leaders in society exhibit confidence, self-belief and the ability to project their voice so their views are heard. Respect for others, an understanding of self-worth and a resilient nature are necessary qualities in today’s world. Our use of a structured drama environment promotes the development of these qualities in all students. Developing these qualities will not only help your child during their school years, but throughout their entire life.

Your child will learn to think quickly and laterally

Within the security of a structured and fun environment, we encourage your child to develop spontaneity through the use of improvisations and other drama skills activities.

Our environment provides a solid platform for success in the performing arts

Many of our students have gone on to perform in theatre and commercials and to join specialist Performing Arts Schools. Your child won’t just have fun each week; they’ll be building a solid foundation in the performing arts. We use drama skills as a context for development of the individual. We do not seek to create ‘Actors’ alone but we provide sufficient learning to enable students to take performance or acting further, if that is their chosen path.

Your child will receive recognition

We award students achievement certificates for each full year of attendance, and we give special recognition for other major milestones. Every milestone, every year – it’s an achievement worth rewarding. We are as proud of your children as you are.

Your child will have the most committed and qualified teachers

Our qualified Helen O’Grady teachers undergo regular, exclusive training.

Your child will be joining the premier International self-development Drama Academy

Established over three decades ago, we continue to assist many thousands of students to fully embrace their life adventure with imagination and confidence.

You will be in good company. Your child will join an organization represented in more than 25 countries and many cultures

We are not a single studio Drama Class. Our curriculum is proven and supported; We are a longstanding, serious and respected organization. We work hard to engender and maintain trust.

"Aneesh has more knowledge and exposure to various subjects; more confidence to speak in front of people. We got a feedback from his class teacher that he is taking initiatives and is now talking to other kids and sometimes teaching them too!" - Nivedita, Pune - India

"My daughter has been with the Academy for only 2 terms and I'm excited to say she is finding a positive way to channe her energy. Amy enjoys drama and the fantasy world and this gives her a great platform to experience situations in a protected and informed environment. It was a thrill to see all the children perform mid-year. It hit home how much they have learned and how fabulous they all were. Well done teachers and students!" - SA - Australia

"Yesterday's performance by the children was amazing! Even I had a blast like the kids! Thanks for the great efforts and the fun and joy you are spreading." - Parent, Cairo - Egypt